How to Sign In with Microsoft


Users have the ability to link their Microsoft account with their On Demand user account.  Linking accounts allows for one-click login access to the platform using the "Sign in with Microsoft" button on all subsequent requests.  This is a one-time optional feature that can be disabled at the account level within the admin portal.


The ability to Sign in with Microsoft is offered as a FREE service to your account however, you must be subscribed to Office 365 in order to utilize this feature.  Office 365 is not a free service.


By default, this integration is disabled.  To enable or disable this feature for your accounts, please consult the admin portal help article on permitted partner apps.


Assuming this feature is enabled for your account, the below steps outline how to link your Microsoft account to a platform user account.


Linking your Microsoft Account

You will find the Sign In with Microsoft button on your main login page if you are using your accounts authenticated URL, or from the My Menu if you are logged in with a general user.


1.  Main Login Page



2.  My Menu



To link your account, click on the Sign In with Microsoft button.  You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page where you will need to enter your Microsoft username and password.




Once you have entered your Microsoft account, you will be redirected to a permissions page asking you to approve the sharing of information between Microsoft and On Demand.




Once you hit Approve, you will now be redirected to the On Demand account linkage page as shown below.  This is the final step of the account linking process and you will only see this during the initial setup process.  If you do not have an On Demand user account, you may use the link at the bottom of this login box to create a new one and complete the linking process.  This option is only available when using the authenticated URL or a general user account.




After you have entered a valid username and password, click the Link button to complete the process.  You should now be logged into On Demand.


You may confirm the account linkage by visiting your Profile page and looking under the Connected Partner Apps section.  If the connection was successful, you will see the Microsoft Sign In feature set to ON, and your Microsoft email address or username will be listed to the right of the toggle.

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