How to Enable the Clever App and Log In Button for your Account


If your institution is using Clever, you have the option of enabling support for Clever single sign-on access from within your admin portal.  This admin portal setting controls two functions related to Clever:

  1. Displaying of the Log in with Clever button on all login pages.
  2. Access to your Classroom Video accounts from the Clever Dashboard via the Classroom Video Clever app.


Before Clever can be used, this feature must be enabled within your admin portal.  If it is left disabled, everyone will be redirected to the main login page from the Clever app, and the Log in button will not be visible.


To enable Clever:

  1. Login to your Classroom Video admin portal.
  2. Go to Account Settings -> Platform Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to the Permitted Social Account Logins section.
  4. Click on the Clever On/Off switch to enable this feature.  If it is on, you should now see the blue ON indicator on the left side.
  5. Click Save settings at the top of this page.  You may enable this feature for specific user types as well by selecting something other than All before saving.




By default, this feature is turned off.  The Clever integration is an optional, FREE feature.


Bypassing the Infobase Account Merge Page:

Once you have turned on Clever in your admin portal, you have the option of entering your Clever District ID to bypass the requirement of linking an existing Infobase user account with a given Clever account.




To enable this bypass feature:

  1. Check the "Allow Bypass Merge" check box next to the Clever toggle after turning the feature ON.
  2. Enter your Clever District ID in the box provided below the toggle.
  3. Click on Save Settings at the top of your Account Settings page.
  4. NOTE - this can be enabled for any/all of your user types by first selecting a user type at the top of Account Settings, and following steps 1-3 above.  You will need to repeat these steps for all user types you wish to enable, if you are not simply using All user types.


All Clever user accounts will be automatically created inside your account as your teachers and/or students access the video platform from their Clever dashboard.  You will be able to view and manage these user accounts from your Accounts & Users tab of the admin portal.


For more information on the Classroom Video Clever App, please review Classroom Video Clever App and the Log in with Clever Button help article.

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