Google Sign In Button - How to Link Your Google Account


Users have the ability to link their Google account with their Video Platform user account.  Linking accounts allows for one-click login access to the platform using the "Sign in with Google" button on all subsequent requests.  This is a one time, optional feature that can be disabled at the account level within the admin portal.


Sign in with Google is offered as a FREE service.  Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a core suite of productivity applications that Google offers to schools and educational institutions for FREE.  If your school is using these applications, you will be able to use the video platform, Google Apps, and Google Classroom all seamlessly, without having to login again.


To enable or disable the feature for your accounts, please consult the admin portal help article.


Assuming this feature is enabled for your account, the below steps outline how to link your Google account to a platform account, view the status of this connection, and disconnect it if required.


NEW! Learn about connecting to Google using the new Direct Google Sign In feature!


Linking your Google account

There are three places within the platform that allow you to establish the initial link with your Google account


1.  Main Login Page



2.  My Menu (logged in as general user)



3.  My Profile (logged in as a user)



To link your account, click on the Sign in with Google button, or toggle the option inside My Profile to ON.


** NOTE - If you are using Chrome, and are already signed into a Google account, you will be automatically connected to that Google account once you turn on Google inside My Profile and click the Save button.  For all other browsers, the below steps will be followed.


All three options will redirect you to the same Google page shown below.


You are required to click the Allow button for this linkage to work.  If you click Deny, your Google account will not be linked and you will have to start the process over again.




 After clicking allow, you will be redirected to the Login to link with Google page, as shown below.


To continue, you must have a user account already.  If you don't have an individual user account already, exit this process and login as the general user, or ask your administrator to create a personal account for you.


How to Bypass the Link Page: 

If your Google email address matches the email address in your user account on the platform, you will automatically bypass the below account linkage screen.image-4


If your user account on the platform does not contain the same Google email address you are attempting to use through Google sign in, you will be redirected to the link page below.


Administrators can use the bulk user email update option in the admin portal to update all user email addresses to match their Google email accounts.  For more information, please visit the help article on the bulk user email update.


If one of the following conditions are met, you will be redirected to the link account page:

  1. You do not have a platform user account with a matching Google email address, or no user account at all.
  2. You have more than one platform user account that contains the matching Google email address.


1a.  No Matching Email:

Once you click the Link button, your accounts will be linked together, and you will be automatically logged into the platform.


Each time you revisit the platform, you may now click the Sign in with Google button to immediately be logged into the platform.  You can also login using your personal user account by entering your username and password.


1b.  Creating a New User Account:

Clicking the Create one link will redirect you to the Create Account page.


Your name and email address will be pre-populated from your Google account.


Complete the rest of the fields and click the Create Account button at the bottom.  You will be automatically logged into the platform and each time you revisit the platform, you may now click the Sign in with Google button to immediately be logged into the platform


 2.  Multiple Matches:

If you know you have a valid platform user account, please contact your administrator or support for assistance in locating all of the accounts sharing your email address.


Disconnecting your Google Account:

There are two ways to disconnect your Google account:

  1. From within the My Profile page.
  2. From within your Google account.


1.  Removing access from within My Profile:

 You can remove the account linkage by disconnecting the Google sign in from within the My Profile section.

  1. Login with your Infobase user account or click on the Sign in with Google button to log into the platform.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Welcome menu at the top.
  3. Click on My Profile.
  4. Locate the Connected Social Accounts section.
  5. Click on the Connected toggle next to the Google logo to switch it to the OFF state.  It should currently be set to a blue, ON.
  6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


2.  Removing access from within your Google account:

You can remove apps connected to your Google account directly from the My Account section of your Google account.image-6

  1. Login to your Google account:
  2. Under Sign-in & Security, click on Connected apps & sites.
  3. Under the Apps Connected to your account section, click on Manage Apps.
  4. Locate the Infobase app and click on it to view options.
  5. To remove the linkage, click on the REMOVE button as shown below.  You will be asked to confirm this.



** NOTE - Removing the app from within your Google account only removes access to your Google account.  It does not break the linkage between your Google account and your Infobase account.  If you use the Sign In with Google button again, after removing access, you will be logged into the platform with the original Infobase user account again.

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