Pre-Made Video Segments


Most of the videos in your collection contain pre-made segments (or clips) to help users locate the perfect piece of content. 


All of the pre-made segments are created by educators familiar with the content. While most pre-made segments are between two and four minutes in length, there is no set length for a segment; some may be less than two minutes, and some may be more than five minutes. The structure of the content and the educational value of the segment determine it's length.


The pre-made segments can be found through a basic search, or by accessing any video detail page. If a video contains pre-made segments, they will display in a "Segments" tab on the right side of the page. 


Users can easily scroll through the list of available segments for any video, clicking on a segment to read the segment's description, load it into the video player, and view it.


Each individual pre-made segment can be added to a playlist or shared directly with other users through its unique Record URL. For more information about using Record URLs, click here.


In addition to the pre-made segments made available to all users, custom segments can also be created. To learn more about creating custom segments, click here.


Please note that pre-made segments are not available for some videos that are less than 5 minutes in length or those videos that contain content which does not lend itself to individual segments.  


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