How to Translate a Page into Another Language


A Translate tool is available at the bottom of every page in the video platform.




To translate a page, select a language from the Translate tool drop-down menu. As you navigate around the platform, the language setting will be retained.

*Note that each page initially loads in English but is then translated automatically to the selected language.


Users can also change their default language to something other than English by setting up a user profile and modifying their user settings. 


In addition to translating the text on any page, the translate tool also translates the interactive transcript for any video that has a transcript available. By allowing users to view the transcript in any language, this tool can be used for foreign language learning as well as ESL learning activities.


Please note, this feature DOES NOT translate the audio track or closed captioning of a video to the translated language you’ve selected in the Translate tool. To browse our selection of videos available in other languages please visit the Advanced Search page. 


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