Video Page Overview


All video content on the Video Platform has a corresponding Video Page which can be accessed via the platform search and browse functions.




See below for a breakdown of the video page features:

  1. Breadcrumb trail - your navigational history, with back links.
  2. Now Playing - this will display the name of the current active title or segment within the video player, along with it's run time.
  3. Video Player - built-in controls include: Play/Pause, adjust volume, scrub using black circle, enable Closed Captions, speed up/slow down, theater mode, full-screen mode.
  4. Segment and Transcript box - contains the full title and individual segment information and controls. Click to load the content within the video player.  If an interactive transcript is available, you will be able to access it here.
  5. Page Tools - available tools include: Share (via email; via social sharing), Add to (playlists and favorites), Citation (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard formats and export options for EasyBib, NoodleTools and RefWorks), Custom Segment (create your own), Search by Standards, Download (full title or segments), Embed/Link (record URL; embed code; LTI link), Add to Playlist, Add to Favorites. Note: the order availability of these tools may vary between title and account.
  6. Description - displays the description for the active full title or segment within the video player.
  7. Details Tab - includes Title details, including Title, Series, Date Added, Copyright Date, Item #, Type, Educator Resources, Tags, Related Subjects.
  8. Tags - clicking on a tag will return search results containing other content with the same tag.
  9. You might also like... - contains links to additional content related to the title. If the title is part of a series, other titles within the series will display.
  10. Google Translate - translates the textual content on the video page to a variety of different languages.
  11. Hide Segments/Transcripts- Clicking this will hide this box and expand the video player size. 



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