Using Interactive Transcripts for Videos


Interactive Transcripts are available for most videos.  Interactive Transcripts allow you to view the full text of the video, search within the full text, or click on any word in the transcript to jump to that exact point in the video.


Using the Advanced Search, you may locate all titles that have interactive transcripts.  Simply select the video content type and the following advanced filter will appear:  Show only programs that have interactive transcripts.  Check this box to show only results that have a transcript available.


How interactive transcripts work:

  1. On the View Video page, if a title has an Interactive Transcript available, the Transcript tab will display in the box to the right of the video player (1).
  2. Click the Transcript tab to expose the transcript player (1).
  3. Click the play button on the player, or one of the Segment links, and the video will begin to play back as normal.  The current point within the transcript will be indicated by the highlighted portion of text, and will progress in real time.
  4. To jump to a different section of the video, simply click on a word within the transcript and the video will jump to that point. You can also jump back/ahead using the status bar on top of the transcript module, or within the player itself.
  5. Advanced features, such as keyword search, print transcript and additional settings, are also available within the Transcript tab.
  6. You may hide the transcript player using the Hide Segments/Transcript link below the player (2).



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