My Favorites


General Overview:

The new My Favorites section has been completely redesigned and improved.  On Demand content can be added to favorites from search results or the media pages.  Favorites now supports folder organization as well.  Options exist to add new favorites directly to folders, or create a new folder at the time you save a new favorite.  The My Favorites section contains a New Folder button inside of it that allows you to create folders as you need them.  As you visit other sections within My Films, the same folders will be accessible.  Options to move content into one of these folders and view all content in a particular folder exists as well.


What Can Be Added To Favorites:

All of the core On Demand content can be added to favorites.  You can view a complete list of all types and sub-types inside the Advanced Search section.

  • Video (Full Titles and Segments)
  • Custom Content
  • Web Channels


What Cannot Be Added To Favorites:

  • Custom Segments (Saved in their own section within My Films)


Using My Favorites:

Every user account starts out with an Unassigned folder by default. This folder cannot be edited or deleted, unlike other folders you may create. Favorites can be added to the unassigned folder at any time and moved into a new folder at any time.


Content can be added to favorites using the Add To page tool.  This page tool can be found on all search results and media viewing pages, when the content type is supported.  Click on the Add To link to view the Add to Favorites interface.


If you have created additional folders inside any other My Section, or previously when saving favorites, you can select additional folders from the Add Item to Folder drop-down.  New folders can be created on-the-fly by entering text in the second box and clicking the New Folder button.  This will save the favorite into the new folder automatically.



The My Favorites section contains the following features and functionality:

  1. New Folder button - Use this button to create new folders that will be accessible in any section.
  2. Organize button - Only shows up if you have content to organize.  Use this button in conjunction with the check boxes to the left of every item to move favorites from one folder to another.
  3. Delete button - Use this button to delete favorites. The delete button only works in conjunction with the check boxes to the left of the thumbnail.
  4. Grid / List view - Use these buttons to toggle between grid and list views. The default view is grid, but you can click on the list icon to switch to a list/table formatted view.
  5. Check box - Use these to delete favorites. Multiple favorites can be selected and deleted at one time.  You will be prompted to confirm this action before anything is deleted.
  6. Favorite Name - Use this link to view the favorite from the appropriate media viewer page on the platform.
  7. Share - Clicking on Share will open a new section below the favorite with the direct URL back to this favorites media viewer page. This is an authenticated link that will require someone to login before they can view the content. It is possible that other people may not have the same content in their accounts and therefore will not be able to view everything shared.
  8. Delete - Clicking on Delete will allow you to delete a favorite. You will be prompted to confirm that you really want to perform this action.
  9. Notes - Once you have saved a favorite, you may return to the media viewer page and use the Notes tab in the page tool section to save useful notes related to any favorite.  Once notes have been saved, this blue note icon will appear.  Clicking on this note icon will open all notes in a pop up window for easy viewing.
  10. Folders - Once content has been organized into folders, the folder name will be displayed next to each item.
  11. Narrow Results - Folder level filters that allow for easy filtering of content stored in any of your folders.  Clicking on a folder item will display only content stored in that folder.




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