Viewing Playlists


The Playlist Viewer page contains the following features and functionality:



  1. Playlist Title - Editable field to modify the playlist name.
  2. Video/Audio player - Displays the first item in your playlist.
  3. Edit Playlist button - Opens edit mode for this playlist (if you are the author).
  4. Playlist Controls - Allows you to toggle Continuous Play and Loop Playlist on or off.
  5. Contents tab- List of all items in the playlist. Click on any item to view it.
  6. Notes tab - Playlists notes provided by the playlist author (note: this only displays if notes are actually provided).
  7. Now Playing tab - Contains the title and metadata for the active playlist item.
  8. Related tab - Contains links to content that is relevant to the the items in the playlist.
  9. Share tab - Contains sharing options such as Playlist URL, Playlist Code, and Email Playlist function and options to share the Playlist to third party sites like Google Classroom.
  10. Citation tab - Allows you to create citations for the active item in the Playlist.



For more information about using playlists, see the following articles::

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