My Content


A major benefit of creating a personal user account and signing into the product is the ability to utilize the My Content section. The My Content section is a simple, streamlined area to view and update all of your saved resources.


All content is stored in a flat file structure, ordered by the created date. Clicking on the title of any resource or folder will take you to view the specific resource, or access the contents of your folder.


  1. Column headers are clickable and can be used to sort your content by Title, Type or Created date.
  2. Content types are clearly labeled in the Type column. Resources saved as favorites are represented here in their native formats, like Video Segment, Interactive, etc. You will not see a type named Favorite.
  3. New folder can be created using this button.
  4. You can quickly filter the results down to just a single type of resource like Playlists using the View All drop-down.
  5. Individual actions can be preformed on your content. These can consist of: Delete, Move, Copy, Share, Embed/Link, Edit and Add to Search. Options vary by type.



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