How to Use Page Links to Share Content


A Page Link is a type of permalink that directs the user to a particular page within the video platform. These are also known as Record URLs, Permalinks, or Persistent URLs and can be bookmarked or shared with any authenticated user. 


It is important to always use the Page Link and NOT the URL that appears in the address bar of your browser. The address bar URL does not contain important information about your account, including authentication settings. 


There are several varieties of Page Links available within the platform:


Record URL: Links directly to a specific video title or segment. This displays in the "Now Playing" section for every video.




Page Link: Links directly to a specific subject, producer collection, or series. Click the "Page Link" at the top of these pages to access the authenticated link.




Playlist URL: Links directly to a user-created playlist.


If your institution uses a proxy server, your account administrator can configure the platform to automatically include proxy login information in Page Links.


All of these Page Links are specific for every video and every account. To use them, simply copy the URL and paste it onto a secure website. This will provide students and faculty with direct access to that page.


Note: All Page Links can be used on secure course websites, online library card catalog systems, distance-learning courseware, and more.

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