My Folders


General Overview:

The new My Folders section represents a vast improvement over the previous folder system.  Folders are now universal across the entire My Films section, instead of only being visible to the specific section they were created in.  Every My Films section contains a New Folder button inside of it that allows you to create folders as you need them.  As you visit other sections within My Films, the same folders will be accessible.  Options to move content into one of these folders and view all content in a particular folder exist inside each section as well.


The My Folders section represents a centralized place for managing all of your global folders, and the content contained in each of them.


Using My Folders:

Every user account starts out with an Unassigned folder by default.  This folder cannot be edited or deleted, unlike other folders you may create.  Content can be added to the unassigned folder at any time and moved into a new folder at any time.


The My Folders section contains the following features and functionality:

  1. New Folder button - Use this button to create new folders that will be accessible in any section.
  2. Delete button - Use this button to delete folders (will NOT delete any of the content in those folders).  The delete button only works in conjunction with the check boxes to the left of the my folder thumbnail.
  3. Grid / List view - Use these buttons to toggle between grid and list views.  The default view is grid, but you can click on the list icon to switch to a list/table formatted view.
  4. Sort - Use this drop down to sort the order of your folders.  The default sort is by date created, but other options include A-Z and Z-A order.
  5. Check box - Use these to delete folders.  Multiple folders can be selected and deleted at one time.
  6. Folder Name - Use this link to view all content inside a given folder.  This is a view only mode with no editing capabilities.  A summary of the folder contents is listed below the folder name, along with the date it was created.
  7. Edit - Use this link to access all content inside a given folder in edit mode.  Edit mode allows you to remove content and edit the folder name and notes.
  8. Delete - Clicking on Delete will allow you to delete a folder. You will be prompted to confirm that you really want to perform this action. Deleting a folder DOES NOT delete the content inside the folder.  The content will move back to the Unassigned folder.



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