Installing and Conifiguring the Classroom Video On Demand G Suite Marketplace App


This integration offers single sign-on and account provisioning for school and district-wide Classroom Video on Demand subscribers. Teacher and/or Student accounts can be provisioned from your Google Admin OU structure. Once provisioned, users will be able to access Classroom Video on Demand using the app icon from the Google Apps menu of the Chrome browser.  This app will be installed to your entire domain.


  1. Your school, district or consortia must have an active Classroom Video on Demand subscription.
  2. Your school, district or consortia must be using Google G Suite and not the free Google apps.
  3. The person installing and configuring this app must have Super Admin level access to your G Suite Google Admin portal.
  4. Please make sure that both Google Sign-in and Direct Sign-in is enabled in your Classroom Video on Demand Admin Portal (see below).

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Setup & Configuration

App Installation

Please visit the G Suite Marketplace and make sure you are logged in with your G Suite Super Admin Account. You will now be able to search for and locate the Classroom Video on Demand app.




Once you click the Classroom Video on Demand app logo, you'll be taken to the app overview page.  Here you'll have access to the Domain Install. 





Once you press continue, you may have to enter your Google password again for verification and then you can install and configure the apps for your teachers and students. The apps use Google’s Organizational Units (OUs) to provision teachers and students into schools. Please agree to the G Suite Marketplace Terms of Service to complete the installation.




Installation Complete Pop-Up

Once you get a pop-up stating that Learn360 has been installed, you'll be asked to complete additional required information so that your users can start using this integration. It is recommended that you complete this setup now.


Configuration & Synchronization Setup

A new Learn360 window will open and you'll be taken through a 6 step process before the Sync is complete.


Please Login with your Infobase Admin Account as shown below



Agree to The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy



Next, choose your Infobase account to provision.



Choose the same account that is set up on the Google side


Select the teacher OUs that you want



Select the student OUs and then Sync




Once you are synced successfully, you will have the option to provision more or you can continue to Classroom Video on Demand.





If you need to sync again to add new users, please follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Google Admin account and open the main menu




2. Click Apps and open your Marketplace Apps




3.  Find and click on the Learn360 App and click on Settings




4.  Under settings, find the Additional Settings and click the "Go to Learn360 for Setup" link.




5.  After signing into Learn360 with an admin account, you'll be walked through the provision process again.


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