Blackboard Building Block - Installation and Configuration


Minimum Supported Version

Release 3400.0.5-rel.76+9ccceac and above.

Latest Version Files

You can download the latest release version and view the release notes by visiting the release notes article.


Please note - Installation requires administrative level access to your Blackboard Learn instance.

  1. Download and Extract the WAR file to your local computer.
  2. Access the System Admin area of your Blackboard Learn instance.
  3. Click on Building Blocks under the Buildings Blocks section.
  4. Click on Installed Tools.
  5. Click on Upload Building Blocks from the top, left-hand area of this section.
  6. Browse for the Films On Demand package and click Submit to proceed.
  7. Once installed, you should see "Mashup-ClassroomVideoOnDemand" under installed tools.


Once installed, click on the down arrow next to the CVOD mashup and select Settings.

You are required to enter two pieces of data provided to you by support:

  1. Key - Enter the numeric API Key provided to you by our support department.
  2. Account Name - Enter the text name of your account provided to you by our support department.

Once both have been filled in, click the Submit button.



Once installed, the mashup will need to be made available to users before it can be used.  To configure the building block, follow the instructions below.

  1. Return to the System Admin area of your Blackboard Learn instance.
  2. Click on Tools under the Tools and Utilities section.
  3. Scroll down the page until you locate the "Mashup-ClassroomVideoOnDemand"
  4. By default, the availability of the mashup is set to OFF.
  5. Click on OFF with your mouse to set the availability to ON for each desired tool type.
  6. Once you turn a tool type on, a drop-down will appear under the Scope of Change column asking you what you would like to apply the changes to:
    1. New courses and organizations only
    2. New and existing courses and organizations
  7. Once you have finished making your changes, click Submit to apply them. 


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