Using the Web Channels Page


Every web channel contains an index page that lists all available titles for a given channel.  Web channels are free, supplementary content that can be added to any subscription.  Web channel content is disabled by default and can be enabled by your administrator within the admin portal.


To access your list of web channels, click on the main Menu, Browse Videos, By Producer.


From the Producer index page, you may use the check boxes at the top of this page to filter the list down to only web channels by deselecting the other options available to you.


Clicking on a web channel producer name will take you to that list of available titles.


** Note - Web channel content is not controlled by Infobase and the listing of titles for any given channel can change on a daily basis.  Channel content is automatically indexed each night.


Every web channel index page contains the following elements:

  • Total title count - Represents the total number of videos currently available.  These titles will appear in normal search results on the site and can be browsed from this page.  This count can change on a daily basis.
  • Page Link - The top of the page contains a page link option that can be copied and shared.  This is an authenticated link back to this page of search results.
  • List of all titles - All titles are available on this page as a browsable list.  The newest titles are shown at the top, with 16 shown at a time.  You can click on the Show More Titles button at the bottom of this page to view another set of 16 titles.
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