Title Data Overview


The Title Data section contains three sub-sections pertaining to titles available in your subscription.  This section can be used to export title metadata by collection or subject, download MARC record files, and view a list of recently added titles for a given month.

The Title Data section replaces the old Learn360 metadata gateway site and offers a much-improved method for exporting title metadata on-demand.  The old metadata-export formatting was preserved as much as possible.



Admins can use the metadata report wizard to generate a comprehensive list of titles in their subscription. Reports are available by Subscription Collection or by Subject. And specific metadata fields can be selected to be included in the report. Once the report has been generated, it can be exported to Excel.


Metadata for core Learn360 content can be exported using this wizard, along with any custom content, or Criterion On Demand Feature Films (Canada only).


The wizard is separated into a three-step process, outlined below:


Step 1 - Select Fields

Select any number of metadata fields you would like to include in your report.  Use the Select All checkbox at the top to quickly select all fields.  The fields will appear in the same order on the report as they are listed in step 1.

  • Item # - New item number for every title.
  • Content Type - Lists the type of content as in Video, Audio, Printable, Article, etc.
  • Asset Type - List the sub-type of the content type, as in Educational Video, Sound Effect, or Map, etc.
  • Date Added - The date the title was added to the selected collection or subject in step 2.
  • Title - Title text of a given asset.
  • Description - Description text for a given asset.
  • Learn360 Legacy ID - Lists the legacy "1_" ID numbers that were used in the old site, and provided in all metadata exports.
  • Collections - Lists the collection a given title is assigned to (Learn360, Custom Content, etc).
  • Subjects - Lists the top level subjects assigned to a given title.  If more than one is assigned, they will be separated by commas.
  • Producer - Lists the producer assigned to a given title.
  • Grades - Lists the grades assigned to a given title.  If more than one is assigned, they will be separated by commas.
  • Copyright - Copyright assigned to a given title.
  • Series - Series assigned to a given title.
  • Run Time - Length of a given video, audio or custom content file in the form of:  HH:MM:SS.
  • Closed Captioning - If a title has captions, a YES will be present in this field.
  • Primary Language - The primary language the audio of a given video is in.
  • Tags / Keywords - Lists all keywords or tags assigned to a title.
  • Title URL - Direct URL to each title in the report.  This is the same URL found below the player on the view page and will contain your account's WID.  These are not recommended for Single Sign-On purposes as they contain no user authentication.
  • Thumbnail URL - Thumbnail image URL to use for every title in the report.
  • Title Expiration - For custom content only.  If an expiration date has been set in the custom content section it will appear here.
  • Collection Expiration - For a la carte collections only.  Will display the expiration date of titles in that collection.


Step 2 - Select Report Type

Title metadata can be generated from any number of collections available in your account, or by individual subjects.  Both options support multiple selections in the same report.  Selecting the Subject will switch to a listing of all the top-level subjects where any number of subjects can be selected.  If a title is cross listed in multiple subjects or multiple collections, it will only be listed once in the report.


Possible Collection Options:

  1. Learn360 - core content subscription
  2. Custom Content - custom content
  3. Criterion On Demand - feature film collection for Canadian customers only


Step 3 - Select Report Settingsimage-0

Optionally, the title data export can be customized to only show new titles, or titles between a specific date range.  The date added field is used to determine titles that meet these criteria.  By default, the report always shows all titles.


Additionally, the title data export can be customized to exclude titles based on active suppression rules.  To utilize this feature, check the box next to "Exclude Titles from Suppression Rule" and select the user type where your rule is applied to.  By default, the report will include all titles and ignore any active suppression rules.


MARC Records

MARC record files can be created and downloaded in this section. To learn more about the MARC record creation tool, please see the MARC Records Overview.


Recent Titles

Admins can view and export a list of video titles that were added to their account by month using this tool.



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