Why can’t I search by Segments or Titles anymore? What about Transcript Search?


The basic search has changed a little bit. Now, instead of selecting "By Subjects" or "By Titles" for every search, instead it will always respect your default setting (set in My Preferences), and provide the option to switch between Segments and Titles using the Formats filter on Search Result page. Additionally, "Series" has been added as an extra option.


We have also added a new preference option called "All Metadata", which returns Segments, Titles, and Series in one consolidated results list. You can select this default option by visiting the My Films link, on the upper right-hand corner of the platform, and selecting My Account Settings. From there, select your "Default Search Type". Note: you must be logged into a User Account to access My Films.


Search By Transcript has been relocated to be an Advanced Search feature. To Search By Transcript, click on the Advanced Search link below the header search box. Click on the Search By dropdown and select, By Transcript. 




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