Uploading Bulk Users


The Accounts & Users section of the admin portal allows you to upload bulk users to a single account, or multiple accounts at once.  The steps below outline the process for adding bulk users via a spreadsheet template provided within this section.


NOTE:  This process will only add NEW users.  It will NOT update existing users.  The username is the unique piece of information used to determine if a record should be skipped or added.


  • Once logged into the Admin Portal, go to the Accounts & Users tab.
  • At the top of your Accounts & Users section, you will see the "Bulk Upload" button.



  • Before you click on the Bulk Upload button, it is recommended that you first export your list of Account IDs, which are required in the bulk upload process.  Your account IDs are the numeric identifier associated with each of your buildings listed in the admin portal.
  • To export your list of account IDs and names, use the "Export Account List" button, located in the top right of your Accounts & Users section.
  • This spreadsheet will return a list of all buildings in your account, with their corresponding Account ID numbers.  If you only have one building, you will only see a single row in this export.
  • The bulk user upload template is located at the top of the Bulk Upload window.  To download the template, click on the Bulk Upload button.


Bulk User Upload Template

The bulk user upload template contains the following columns.  The screenshot below further illustrates how the account ID and account names are used in the bulk user upload template.

  1. Account ID (required) - Found in the Export Account List spreadsheet.  This is the numeric identifier for each building and required for each user added via the bulk user upload template.  You may bulk upload as many different users, tied to any number of different accounts as you wish.  The account IDs listed in your template must be listed as child accounts under your parent account or they will not be processed.
  2. Account Name (optional) - The text name of the account/building the user should be uploaded to.  This field is optional, and ignored by the bulk upload process.  It is purely for reference only as you create your template.
  3. Username (required) - The username of the person being added.  Usernames must be at least 4 characters long.  Refer to Username and Password Guidelines.
  4. Email (required) - The email address of the person being added.
  5. Name (required) - The full name of the person being added.
  6. Password (required) - The password of the person being added.  Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.  Refer to Username and Password Guidelines.
  7. Role (required) - This is a drop down within the template that allows you to select between Teacher and/or Student.  Entering anything else will cause your upload to fail.



Uploading the Template

  1. Once you have completed the bulk user upload template, following the instructions above, you are now ready to upload your list of users to your account.
  2. With the Bulk Upload window open, enter the number of users included in your spreadsheet.  This is used as an extra safety precaution to ensure accurate data is added to your account.  The number entered should only include actual users on your spreadsheet, and NOT the column header row of the template itself.
  3. Click the Browse button to locate the saved template on your computer and attach it.



Click Upload to start the upload process.  You will be presented with a system processing message while the system is working.  This pop up window will close after 8 seconds, but your spreadsheet will continue to process in the background.  Once the upload process is complete, your browser will automatically download a new spreadsheet containing the results of your upload.


The spreadsheet will indicate if the user was successfully added, or if it failed, why it failed, as shown below:




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