Assigning Taxonomy to Custom Content


The same taxonomy used on the core video platform titles can also be assigned to any custom content.  There are two ways to add, update, or remove taxonomy from titles within the admin portal.


  1. Single Title - Using the Taxonomy button located inside the title edit page of any title.
  2. In Bulk - The Bulk Change tool, located on the Titles tab, contains a Taxonomy panel that can be used to bulk assign, or remove taxonomy from any number of titles.


Adding taxonomy to a single title

Once logged into the admin portal, go to Content Tools, Custom Content, and click on a title.


From the edit title page, click on the Taxonomy button at the top of this page to open the Manage Taxonomy window.


When selecting new taxonomy, ALL three levels of subjects must be selected before it can be added to the title.  Each subject level selected will cause the window to briefly reload as the system displays the correct level 2 and level 3 subjects, based on what you selected for level 1, for example.  Once you have made your three selection, click the Add Subject button to save the complete taxonomy to the grid below.


The system preserves your previous selections in case you would like to add multiple level 2 and 3 taxonomies to this title.


  1. Add Subject - Use this button to add as many taxonomies to a title as you like.
  2. Remove - Use the trash can icon to remove a taxonomy row.
  3. Save/Cancel - Use these buttons to cancel a set of changes, or save any changes you have made to a title.



Adding or removing taxonomy in bulk

Taxonomy can be added or removed in bulk using the Bulk Change tool.  The Bulk Change tool is located at the top of the titles tab.  Before clicking on the bulk change button, you must have at least one title selected using the check boxes on the left-hand side.


Once you have selected at least one title, click on the Bulk Change button to open the tool.  Click on the Taxonomy panel at the bottom of the window to access the taxonomy section, as shown to the right.



The taxonomy section contains three basic options:

  1. Do Not Update - the default option.  Because the bulk change tool supports various metadata related changes as well, taxonomy defaults to do not update, which prevents any accidental changes to taxonomy when making other changes.  Only items specifically marked to update will be affected by the bulk change.
  2. Add - select the Add radio button to add a new taxonomy to all selected titles.  Adding will not affect any previously assigned taxonomies already in place.
  3. Delete - select the Delete radio button to remove a taxonomy from all selected titles.  If a selected title does not contain the taxonomy you wish to remove, it will simply be skipped during this process and not affected.


Like taxonomy at the title level, a selection in each subject drop down will cause this window to briefly reload.  All changes you made prior to these selections will be preserved.



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