How to Bulk Upload Custom Content Titles


To add more than one custom content title at a time, click on the Bulk Upload button, located at the top of the Custom Content Titles tab.  The bulk upload template is located at the top of the bulk upload pop up window.  To ensure a seamless upload every time, it is highly recommended that a new template is downloaded every time prior to uploading a new batch.  The system will not process a spreadsheet if the template does not match.  To improve the reliability of the upload process, several fields in this template are required and contain drop downs, instead of allowing free form text.  


The current list of fields is listed below:

  1. Title (Required) - text field used for the title of your video or audio file.
  2. Description - text field used for the description of your file.
  3. Series -  text field used to associate titles to a series.  If the series does not already exist, or does not exactly match an existing series, it will be treated as a brand new series and be added to the series tab.
  4. Copyright - text field for copyright year, support format example:  2016.
  5. Running Time - text field for run time, supported format:  HH:MM:SS, each section separated by a colon.  NOTE - column must be formatted as TEXT.
  6. Grade Levels - field requires a comma separated list of grade levels.  Pre K = -1, K = 0, 1 =1, Academic/AP = 13, Professional Development = 14 (-1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14).
  7. Keywords - comma separated list of keywords.
  8. Expiration Date - text field for expiration date.  Once this date is reached, the title will automatically disappear from the platform on the following day.  Support format is:  8/31/2021.
  9. Filename (Required) (no extension) - text field for entering the filename of the video or audio file, without any extension.  If you video was named, "mymp4file.mp4," you would only enter "mymp4file" in this field.
  10. File Extension (Required) - drop down containing the current two options for custom content:  MP4 and MP3.
  11. Allow Downloading (Required) - drop down containing a YES and NO option that controls the ability to download a title from the platform.  NOTE - Films On Demand customers will not see the download option.  This is only available to Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand customers.
  12. Thumbnail Path - text field for the complete path to the video thumbnail stored on your own server.  If not path is provided, a default one will be used automatically.
  13. Resource Title - text field for adding one teacher resource to each title.  Enter the complete path in this field, starting with HTTP://. Additional resources can be added while editing a title.  The title will display as the link to the resource on the Related tab.
  14. Resource Path - text field for linking to a PDF resource stored on your own server.  Enter the complete path in this field, starting with HTTP://.
  15. Resource Type - drop down containing options for PDF and LINK, the two supported types of resources.

** NOTE - it is not necessary to manually select an option in each row of your spreadsheet when completing drop down fields.  If for example, everything has the MP4 file extension, you can select MP4 in the first row, and then copy that selection and paste it into all other relevant rows in your spreadsheet.



  1. Template - Link to download current template in XLSX format.
  2. Select a Server - Select from your list of servers on the servers tab.  You can have multiple server profiles per producer, or a single server for all titles.  New servers can be added on the Servers tab.
  3. Select a Producer - Select from your list of producers on the producers tab.  New producers can be added on the Producers tab.
  4. Upload Template - Attach your completed spreadsheet to be uploaded.  If a problem occurs after clicking Upload, you may need to attach the spreadsheet again.
  5. Certify - Check the certification box to confirm that you have the proper licenses to the content you are adding.  This is required before custom content can be added to the system.



The upload process will first check to verify that the correct number of titles was entered.  If the number of rows does not match, you will be returned to the bulk upload window with an error message stating how many rows the system expects.  You will need to attach your file to be uploaded again before proceeding.


Titles that fail for one reason or another will be SKIPPED, and not added to your list of titles.  The system will add any titles that did not fail.  If you have failed titles, the item number in the first column of the returned spreadsheet will contain an error message and reason as to why it failed, in place of an item number.  Only successfully added titles will have an item number in this column.


Once the upload process has completed, the system will return an updated spreadsheet back to you, with the custom content IDs included in the first column of the spreadsheet.  The upload process is very quick and should return the results back to you in less than a minute.





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