Managing Custom Content Series


Managing Series

Clearly view all series, the number of titles associated with each series and the total run time on one page.  Series are a completely separate element from titles and therefore are now managed separately.

  1. New Series - use this button to create new Series that will appear on this tab.  Once the series is created, it will appear in the series drop down on the Titles page.
  2. Delete button - used in conjunction with check boxes on the left to delete multiple series at once.
  3. Search - search by keyword or phrase to quickly narrow down the list of series.
  4. Check boxes - facilitate bulk deletion of series.
  5. Series Title – link that redirects to the edit series page for a specific series.
  6. Number of Titles – displays the total number of titles currently associated to a series.  Also a link that will open the view/edit titles window for a series directly from this page.
  7. Total Running Time – displays the total run time for a given series, based on all titles in the series.
  8. Options – preview or delete individual series.  Clicking on preview will open the series detail page in a new tab and allow you to see how it will look from the platform itself, without leaving the admin portal.


Managing Titles

Clicking on the title count from the main series grid will open a pop up window, allowing you to quickly add or remove titles from a given series.


To add titles to the selected series, click into the Series titles box and perform a keyword search, or scroll down the list to find desired titles.  This is a multi-select box, allowing you to add multiple titles at once before clicking the Add Titles button.


To remove titles from the series, click the Remove icon on the right-hand side of the grid, next to the title you wish to remove.  You can only remove one title at a time using this method.  The system will process the request, close the window and open it back up again after it finishes, with the title now removed.





Editing Series

Clicking on the series title name will bring you into editing mode for that specific series, as shown below.  The series title can be edited from this page, and once again the titles inside a series can be managed via the View/Add Titles button.


The Delete Series button can be used to completely remove the series.  This will NOT delete the titles assigned to the series.


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