Basic Search Tips


The Search box is located at the top of every page.

To Search:

  • Enter a search term in the Search box.
  • Click the magnifying glass button to the right of the Search box or press Enter on your keyboard.

You can search using keywords or a specific phrase. Capitalization does not matter.

Boolean Operators

The main search box supports boolean searching.

Boolean operators—AND, OR, NOT—can be added to search terms to refine results. If no operator is added, the AND operator is used automatically.

  1. Enter a search term. Examples:
  1. temple AND Buddhism
  2. temple OR Buddhism
  3. temple NOT Buddhism
  1. Results include:
  1. all articles with all of the search terms, temple as well as Buddhism
  2. all articles with either of the search terms, temple or Buddhism or both
  3. only articles without the excluded search term, articles with temple that do not include Buddhism

Phrase Search

Use double quotation marks to define an exact phrase or phrases. (If copying and pasting a phrase from a document, make sure the quotation marks are straight, not curly.)

  1. Examples:
  1. "Good Friday"
  2. "Good Friday" AND "Easter"
  3. "Good Friday" AND "Holy Week"
  1. Results include:
  1. articles with Good Friday together as a phrase but not a story with, for example, the phrases "Good Shepherd" and "Good Luck"
  2. articles with Good Friday as a phrase that also contain Easter
  3. articles with Good Friday as a phrase that also contain Holy Week as a phrase

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