How do we select content?


At Infobase Learning, we know that content matters. Our library of resources was assembled not just with a focus on volume, but with a discerning eye for quality. Infobase Learning is an educational solutions company with more than 50 years of experience distributing video content to schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Our libraries are the result of decades of careful curation with a single guiding principle: providing every school with the most essential video titles for their teachers and students.

The editorial team that selects the films works with broadcasters, distributors, and over one hundred independent filmmakers to find content that can aid the learning and research efforts of today's students. When reviewing a film, we pay close attention to production quality.  But more importantly, we focus on the content and ask ourselves a number of crucial questions:


  • Does the film cover a topic that has a place in the curriculum?
  • Does it feature interviews with scholars or experts in its field of study?
  • Does the film’s producer have a known track record and reputation?
  • Is the information factual, balanced and editorially sound?
  • How might teachers or students use this film in their lesson plans/studies?
  • Will this film engage students, enrich learning environments and help students to excel?


When red flags or uncertainties arise, we will do research, seek advice from education professionals, and broaden the discussion amongst ourselves before making a final decision. And of course, we are keenly interested in maintaining an open dialogue with our customers and other educators regarding their needs, and how our library can help. If you would like to reach the acquisitions team, please send an email to

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