Search Basics - Advanced Search


The Advanced Search option is located to the right the main search box.  More complex search queries can be constructed using a variety of different options found in this section, which are detailed below:


Advanced Search allows you to string together multiple terms with AND / OR / NOT boolean operators. Enter your terms into the boxes provided and use the drop downs to connect them. To add additional rows, click on + Add Row.

Below the input section, you will find the Search Options section, which provides the option to pre filter your search by selecting options from a series of drop downs.


Select the type of content: Video, Web Videos (if enabled) and Custom Content (if enabled)


Choose Filters: Select refinement options from the following drop downs.

  • All Asset Types - For video only, select an option to refine the results by Documentary Films for example.
  • All Subjects - Select a single top level subject.
  • All Producers - Use the drop down to select a single producer to base your search on.
  • All Copyright Dates - Return results based on a copyright range of years.
  • All Languages - Select a language, or one of the additional options to find content with no audio or music only.  Selecting a foreign language will return videos with audio in that language.
  • All Grades - Select a grade range.
  • All Formats - Select Segments, Titles or Series.
  • Advanced Filters - Select one or more of the advanced options to show only titles with:  closed-captioning, educator resources, interactive transcripts or recently added programs (last thirty days).


Note: Not every filter type will be available for every content type. Options will vary.

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