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The homepage offers a variety of options for quickly accessing content available within your institution.  The content on the homepage is organized into widgets, which can be configured and reordered as desired.


Use the arrows on either side of each slider to scroll through the contents.  You may also use the View All link in the top right-hand corner of each slider to view all content of a particular widget on this page. Click "View Less" to collapse the slider back to just a strip.


The current list of homepage widgets is as follows:

  • Featured Titles
  • Featured this Month (from the Calendar)
  • Recently Added
  • Most Popular
  • Browse Non-Video Resources (Learn360 / AVOD only)
  • Browse Subjects
  • Browse Featured Producers


Featured Titles:

The featured titles slider is composed of titles selected inside your admin portal.  Anyone with admin level access may set the featured titles slider via the admin portal.


Featured this Month (from the Calendar):

This widget displays content tied to the month as a whole and individual days of the month.  Content tied to individual days will be indicated with the specific calendar day in the bottom left-hand corner of the thumbnail.  Any thumbnail without a date includes content that spans the entire month.


Recently Added:

This widget displays the 20 most recently added titles based on the content available in your account.


Most Popular:

This widget displays the 20 most popular titles based on lifetime usage by your account.


Browse Non-Video Resources:

This widget displays all of the non-video resources available in your account.  This slider will only be visible if you have a Learn360 or Access Video subscription.  these additional resources consist of: Interactives, Audio, Images, Printables and Encyclopedia Articles.


Browse Subjects:

The homepage lists all of the top-level subjects in the subject slider.  Clicking on any of these subjects will take you to a search results page containing all results.


Featured Producers:

This widget features a rotating list of currently featured producers.  Clicking on a producer takes you to a search results page containing all titles from the selected producer.  

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