Featured Titles Widget


Admins can setup a Featured Titles widget to display on their account's home page. Individual titles from your collection can be selected to be included in the Featured Titles widget. If your account has custom content enabled, those titles can be included as well.


** Note - Web Channel content cannot be added to the Featured Titles slider.

Featured Titles can be managed via the Featured Titles tab, which can be found under Account Settings in the Admin Portal. From this tab, you can do the following:

  • Set consortia/user controls
  • Enable/disable the Featured Titles widget
  • Select and manage content




 Consortia/User Controls


This section controls who can see the Featured Titles widget.


Consortia accounts can manage Featured Titles for sub-accounts based their organization type. The default option is "All" which will apply changes across the entire consortia. Changes can also be limited to just the parent location by choosing the "Self" option. To use Consortia Controls, simply select an organization option from the drop down and proceed with modifying your Featured Title selections. Once satisfied with the changes, click save. Note: Checking the Override Selections Set by Sub Accounts options with replace any settings previously set by a sub-account. If you would like to leave previously set sub-account settings intact, leave this box unchecked.


Additionally, all accounts can manage Featured Titles by user type. This will limit the changes to user accounts of a particular type (ie: Students, Teachers, etc). To use User Controls, simply select a user type from the drop down and proceed with modifying your featured titles. Once satisfied with the changes, click save.




 Managing Featured Titles


This section controls what titles are included in the Featured Titles widget.


The Featured Titles widget can be enabled/disabled by checking/unchecking the box "Featured Titles Widget Enabled". If you had a previously setup a Search Widget, it will display in the "Preview" area. Existing Featured Titles will also list in the Edit Featured Titles sections, where they can be reordered or removed.


To add Featured Titles, enter a keyword into the search box under the Add New Featured Titles sections. Next, check the box next to the desired title and click the "Add to Featured" button. It will now display in the Preview and Edit sections.


Once satisfied with your selections, click Save.


Note: The Feature Titles widget can also be enabled/disabled via the Home Page Controls tab, which can also be found under Account Settings. Additionally, you can modify the placement of the widget on the home page, along with the other home page sliders.

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