Classroom Video Classlink App - How to Add and Use


If your school or district is using Classlink, you have the option of accessing Classroom Video via our Classlink app instead of having to remember a second username and password for Classroom Video.


The Classroom Video Classlink App is an optional, FREE feature that can be set up for your account.  For more information on Classkink, please visit their website.



The Classlink Classroom Video app offers two different options:

  1. Link your Classlink account to an existing Classroom Video user account you possess (a one-time process). This is the default behavior.
  2. Simply use your Classlink account as your Classroom Video user account, bypassing this one-time linking process.


Sending every user to the link account page is the default behavior.  If you want to use that, you only need to contact support to obtain your custom URL for Classlink.


Sending your users to the link account page is useful if they already have their own Classroom Video account, with playlists, and other saved content.  This one-time link process would connect the two accounts and allow them to continue accessing their previously created content.


If you decide to bypass the account link page, all Classlink user accounts will be automatically created within your Classroom Video account as brand new accounts.  If you would like to bypass this link page and not link existing Classroom Video accounts, please inform support that you would like to bypass the account linking page.


Lastly, you will also need to login to your Classroom Video Admin Portal and enable the Classlink App. If this feature is not turned on, all users will be taken to the main login page instead of being allowed into the platform, or redirected to the link account page.


Help Article: How to Enable the Classlink App for your Account


How to add the Classroom Video App

The Classroom Video App is considered a Weblink within Classlink.  Before it can be used, you must request a custom URL from our support department.  This custom URL is required and will need to be inserted into the web address field of the Add Application form.


  1. Contact Classroom Video support and request your Classlink custom URL.
  2. Login to your Classroom Video Admin Portal and go to Account Settings -> Platform Preferences -> Permitted Partner Apps and turn ON Classlink.
  3. Let support know if you want to bypass the link account page.  Otherwise, all users will be presented with the one-time linking process to link to an existing Classroom Video account.
  4. Support will provide you with a URL that resembles this example:
  5. Login to your Classlink management console as shown below.
  6. Click on Applications -> Add & Assign Apps.
  7. Click on the Add button.




With the Add Application window open, enter the following information:

  • Application Name:  Classroom Video
  • Description:  Classroom Video provides exceptional content, correlated to the high school curriculum.
  • Icon:  Click the Browse Icon button and search for "Classroom Video."  The icon shown below will show up for selection.  Once you have selected the Classroom Video icon, it will appear as shown below.
  • Category:  Education
  • Subject:  General Education
  • Single Sign-On App:  Leave set to No
  • Web Address:  Enter your support provided custom URL here.

Once you have finished entering all information, click Save to create your Classroom Video App.




Once created, the app will show up in your list of Apps under Add & Assign Apps.  You have the option of assigning any app to specific roles or simply leaving it in the App Library for your teachers and students to add on their own.  Please consult your Classlink documentation if you need any assistance assigning the Classroom Video App to specific roles.


If the app is not assigned to users and simply available within the App Library, it will look like this:




If you have assigned the app to user groups, it will appear on the appropriate person's My Apps page, as shown below.




At this point, the app is ready to be used.


If you are requiring your users to link an existing Classroom Video account to Classlink, they will be taken to the below page the first time they access the Classroom Video app from their My Apps section.


This is only required the first time you come from Classlink.  Once the accounts have been linked, you will have single-click access to Classroom Video without having to remember another username and password or enter it for that matter.



Once you are logged into Classroom Video, you can view your linked account inside the My Profile section.  Click on the Hi, <Your Name> menu in the top, right-hand corner of the site and select Profile.


Scroll down to the Connected Partner Apps section and you will find your Classlink ID.




If you wish to break the account link for any reason, you may do so by clicking on the blue, ON section of the Classlink Sign In switch so that it changes to a gray OFF.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of this page and your Classroom Video account will no longer be linked with your Classlink account.  If you access Classroom Video from Classlink again, you will have to go through the account linking process again.



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