Why create your own personal user account?


There are many benefits to creating a personal account.  While the core functionality of the site can be used with a generic account, none of the My menu features or preferences listed below will be accessible until an individual user account is created.



User Account Only Features

  • My Content
    • My Playlists
    • My Favorites
    • My Folders
    • My Saved Searches
    • My Custom Segments
  • Profile
  • Account Settings
  • Announcements
  • Admin Portal



My Content

Logged in users will have access to the My Content where they can view a summary of their available resources and easily access any of these features listed below.

  • Playlists
  • Favorites
  • Folders
  • Custom Segments
  • Saved Searches



Customize your personal user profile.  Update basic contact information, upload an avatar image for yourself, select personal interests that help us customize the content you receive in email communications, and opt in to receive emails.

Connected Google or Microsoft accounts will also be listed here.


Account Settings

The Account Settings section allows you to modify individual account preferences.  Many of these settings can be set by an administrator as defaults and then may be overridden at the individual user level.  In addition to basic settings, you may also determine the active page tools you would like to use and set the display order on the view media pages.

Closed caption display settings can also be customized in this section.



View any new announcements added via the admin portal.


Admin Portal

If your personal account has admin portal privileges, you will be able to gain access to your accounts admin portal using this option.





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