My Films Quick Start Guide


Manage. Share. Collaborate.

This quick start guide is designed to provide educators with a list of key help materials to get you started using the My Films section of the platform.  Educators can easily setup a personal user account to take advantage of the advanced features in the My Films section listed below.

  • Setting up an Account - Required to access Preferences and the My Films section.
  • User Preferences - Setup a user profile to ensure Films on Demand is customized to meet your needs based on your Subject/Grade.
  • My Playlists - View and manage your personal playlists to create and share the content your students need.
  • My Favorites - Organize your favorite videos, audio clips, images, and PDFs into customized folders for easy access at any time.
  • My Saved Searches - Save and access frequently used searches to update results or share with other teachers or students.
  • My Custom Segments - Create and save custom segments from any video in your Films on Demand library to show in class or share with students.
  • My Folders - Organize all of your Films on Demand playlists, favorites, searches, and assignments into customized folders.
  • My Groups - Create groups to easily share content, create assignments, and collaborate with students or teachers.
  • My Assignments - Create and distribute multimedia assignments.


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