Using the Series Page


Every series contains an index page that lists all titles in that series.

Series can be found in search results alongside videos and other media types.  A series will have the word, "(Series)" in paranthesis next to the title in search results.  Clicking on the series title from search results will redirect you to that specific series index page.


Every search results page contains a Format filter.  Using this format filter will allow you to easily see all series in a given result set.

In addition, if an individual video is part of a series, that information will be displayed below the title as shown below.  Clicking on the series link will redirect you to the series index page as well.


Every series page contains the following elements:

  1. Total title count
  2. Producer name
  3. Page link
  4. Browsable list of all titles in the series


Total title count - Represents the total number of videos currently in a given series.

Producer Name - The producer for which the titles in this series belong to.

Page Link - The top of the page contains a page link option that can be copied and shared.  This is an authenticated link back to this page of results.

Browsable list - All titles in the series are available on this page as a browsable list.  The titles are displayed in series order.



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