Adding New Custom Content Servers


Before custom content titles can be added, the server must exist within your custom content section of the admin portal.


To add a new server, click on the Servers tab, and then on the + New Servers button.


This will open a pop up window containing the below.  Enter the server display name (only used within the custom content secton) and a complete path for streaming, and/or downloading.


The streaming URL is required and must start with HTTP://.  This is the path to the publishing point on your server where the videos will stream from.


The download URL is optional and if used, must start with HTTP:// as well.  If no download URL is present at the server level, NO titles associated to this server will have download capabilities.


** NOTE - Films On Demand customers will not see the download option.  This is only available to Learn360 and Classroom Video On Demand customers.


Click the Add Server button to save your new server.


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