Usage Stats Overview



All new usage data will be available on a 24-hour delay to avoid introducing any speed issues into the video platform when admins are running reports.  Administrators will be able to view usage data for the account that they are associated with plus any accounts below their own. They will not be able to view usage data for accounts above theirs.  The usage stats area of the admin portal is divided into four main sections:


  1. Usage Summary
  2. Pre-Made Reports
  3. Custom Reports
  4. My Saved Reports


Usage Summary Section

This new sub-section displays a general summary of usage data for the account and any “children” accounts that exist. The Usage Overview tab will default to display a summary of all accounts associated with the top-level school, consortia, or district.


The top of the page contains the lifetime views for the account you are currently viewing.


The Filter by Year and Go to account options below the lifetime view summary allow you to view lifetime views and usage summary information for any other year or account below your own, if you have them.  Select options from the corresponding drop-downs and click Filter or Go to update the page.



The page is divided into four main sub-sections:

  1. Media Usage Summary
  2. User Summary
  3. Activity Summary
  4. Media Summary


Pre-Made Reports Section

This sub-section allows administrators to select from a number of pre-made report templates. The current list of available reports can be found below.  These report templates exist as links on the pre-made reports page.  Clicking on any available pre-made reports will automatically retrieve the associated data and display it on the screen.  For speed purposes, only the first 100 records will display on the screen but can be exported to Excel in full.


All reports have an Export to Excel option available. All reports have filters and sorting options (all column headings) to make it easy to use the data. The standard filters include:

  • Org Type – Defaults to “All”
  • User Type – Defaults to “All”
  • Individual Accounts – Defaults to “All”
  • Month/Year – Defaults to Current Month/Year


Currently available reports:

  1. Learn360 Videos Viewed & Downloaded
  2. Custom Content Viewed & Downloaded(only visible if you are using this feature)
  3. Non-Video Conent Viewed
  4. Usage by Subject
  5. Usage by Collections
  6. Usage by Producers
  7. Usage by Account
  8. Usage by User


Custom Reports Section

In addition to the pre-made reports, administrators will be able to create their own custom reports. Administrators will be able to select from different report formats, data fields, and output options to generate a customized report. Click here for more a more detailed article about Custom Reports.


My Saved Reports Section

This new sub-section will display a list of any custom reports that the administrator has saved. From here, they will be able to re-run any of these reports to receive an updated result set.


** This new section is coming soon. 


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